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Tuition and Payments Overview

We use a monthly payment system. Each dance class is $288.00 (broken out as 9 equal monthly payments of $32.00). We have multi-class discounts available which will save you money! Learn more below. Please note, the final 2 payments are BOTH due in MAY. (There is no payment in September.)


If you opt to pay the year in advance, we offer you various discounts on the cost of the class.


Pay In Full By JUNE 30th =10% off total cost of tuition

(EX: Taking your yearly payment of one class full price from $288.00 to $259.20)


Pay In Full By AUGUST 15th = 7% off total cost of tuition

(EX: Taking your yearly payment of one class full price from $288.00 to $267.84)


Pay In Full By SEPTEMBER 30th = 5% off total cost of tuition

(EX: Taking your yearly payment of one class full price from $288.00 to $273.60)

Please Note – PAID IN FULL STUDENTS CANNOT BE REFUNDED IF THE CHILD DOES NOT CONTINUE WITH DANCE. Thank you for understanding and adhering to this policy.


*Paid In Full Means TUITION ONLY. This does NOT include costume, jewelry, or Recital Fee, for which you are still responsible to pay timely.


We accept Check, Cash, and Credit Card for Payment.

Payments are due at the beginning of each month. On the 11th of each month, unpaid accounts will automatically incur a late fee of $10.00 via our new online account system. This is for ALL ACCOUNTS.


Also note, there is no grace period allotted for Payment #9 in May. All classes must be paid and posted before Recital Weekend. There are two payments in May because there is no tuition payment in September.

Costs Beyond Tuition

We know when families begin dance, they may be apprehensive due to the cost. We like to put all of our fees and costs out in the open in advance so individuals know what to expect. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest cost to families that we can offer in these times!


Registration Fee - $30.00 per student

Due Upon Class Registration.

Holds your child's space in our classes.


Costume Costs 

Deposit of $25.00 Per Class Due on or before Oct. 15.

Remaining Balance Due on or before November 14.

We work diligently to choose costumes that won't break the bank! Unlike some studios, we do not inflate the costume price for profit, or charge a blanket price across the board. Your costume bill will be for the specific costume, size, and accessories needed. No funny business.  


Jewlery Fee - $25.00

Due on or before January 18. 

Please specify if your student needs clip-ons.

A Rhinestone Necklace Choker and Earring Set for recital and other performances!

This is a one time cost for new female students or students entering the TOT age level. Keep them safe to reuse next year! "Terrific Toddlers" and "Promising Pre-K" age students do not need to purchase jewelry. 


Recital Package - $60.00

Due on or before March 15

The Recital Package includes two parent tickets, one student recital T-Shirt, and covers all facility rental fees, and set and prop costs for our show.

Private Lessons - Optional, as requested. Approximately $15 per session.



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