Saturday, May 30th @ 3:00pm (Doors open 2:15pm)

When paying your $60.00 Recital Package please send the following form to MissShari@JCDAdance.com to reserve your dancer's recital t-shirt! 


Cardinal O'Hara High School

39 Ohara Road, Tonawanda, NY 14150

Get your copy of the full recital information packet when you pay your $60 recital package fee!

Get your copy of the full recital information packet at the front desk when you pay your recital package fee! The following are a few excerpts from the information packet for your quick reference. 

The Commitment




Ticket Sales: April 1st – May 21st, during designated office hours


Costume Week:  April 20th – April 25th


Program Ad Deadline:  May 16th [form on page 15 of recital packet]


Dance Gift Deadline:  May 17th @ Picture Day [form on page 13 of recital packet]


Picture Day:  Sunday May 17th, 2020 [Schedule on page 5 of recital packet]


Picture Pick-Up: Wednesday, May 27th @ Dress Rehearsal


Video Form Deadline:   Wednesday, May 27th @ Dress Rehearsal [form on page 11 of recital packet]


Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, May 27th @ Cardinal O’Hara HS (Schedule posted online soon)


Dance Recital:  Saturday, May 30th @ 3:00pm (Doors open 2:15pm)


As we get closer to the show, additional recital information or updates will be posted at the studio and some information will be emailed home.

Parents and students need to know the following information: Your class style, class day and time, the name of the teacher & the name of the dance.

Please make it YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to keep abreast of important information. Our goal is the make the recital an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort; students, their parents, the class instructors, and the studio director are key players in the show’s success.

Your account must be current and outstanding balances paid by dress rehearsal or participation will be denied.

The recital is not a one-day activity. Gather all costume pieces, accessories, and shoes several days in advance so you’ll know if something is missing. This applies to Picture Day and the Dress Rehearsal as well.

Any student that misses 4 or more classes after January may be denied participation in the annual recital. Please speak with your class instructor if an emergency arises.



April 20 – April 25 for MOST CLASSES**

**notifications will be sent out if this date will be changed for certain classes due to international shipping delays

During Costume Week, we will be handing out the majority of dance costumes in classes. Parents of young students are welcome to come in to assist with changing, and to review our performance looks. Tights & Accessories will come home with the students as well.

No costume can leave the facility unless a responsible adult signs for it.

Costumes will be handed out prior to pictures once bills and accounts have been paid and are up to date. No costume will go home if there is an outstanding balance for tuition fees or costume. Once you receive your costume, please put your child’s name on it immediately. Alternations may be necessary. We recommend trying on your child’s costume again prior to picture day in case any alterations are needed.
Any alterations are the responsibility of the student, but we do have access to a dance seamstress if you are interested. She is used to working on dance costumes, and is very affordable.

Miss Audrianna Yates – 716-423-1321 **Note: Please specify you are a Newfane family :) 

To ensure there are no problems, after initially trying on their costumes, students MUST not wear their costume prior to picture day, dress rehearsal, or the recital. Do not wash costumes in your washing machine!

Included with your recital costume will be one pair of tights. All dancers need to wear tights with their costumes! Please remember that dancers do not wear underwear with their tights!

The Performance Look

As we get closer to these recital events, we know our families will have lots of questions about the appropriate appearance of their dancers. We do have required hair and make-up that all students must follow, unless a teacher does request something different for a dance (i.e. bun, teased, hat, etc.) Those special requests can be found on the costume info sheet that is handed out with each of your child’s costumes. Please use below as a reference when preparing your dancer’s cosmetic bag for the big weekend!




This year, we are going to require all dancers to wear their hair in a HIGH PONYTAIL.

Please reference the pictures in your recital packet for height.

1. Start by flipping hair over and gathering it high on the head. Brush out all of the bumps. Be sure to use water or styling spray to really comb out and up the baby hairs and “fringe” pieces.
2. Add hairspray or lacquer and comb through.
3. When smooth, secure elastic around pony (elastic should match hair tone). USE 2 ELASTICS and please be sure they are tight!
4. Spray hairspray or lacquer hair to slick back other pieces. Use soft brush to push back.
5. Dry the hairspray so it holds with hair spray.
6. Add finishing spray and bobby pins if needed for any fringe pieces.

**Please go to www.YouTube.com to view “How to do a high neat ponytail for dance performances”. Your pony doesn’t need to be quite as high as illustrated in the video, but should be secured in the same way!
Remember, if a teacher asks for different hair for a certain dance, you child will follow those guidelines – especially those with hats or hair accessories!

tudents with EXTREMELY short hair should talk to their teachers about an alternate
hairstyle. Even girls with medium/short hair can get their hair up in a pony with some hair product!

We require our dancers to wear the following:
• Foundation/ Bronzer
• Dark Pink Blush
• White Eye shadow on entire eyelid
• Black Eye shadow inside the crease of eye
• Black eyeliner on the bottom and on the top along the lashes
• Black Mascara and/or False Eyelashes
• Bright Red Fire Engine Red Lipstick


It doesn’t have to be name-brand or high-end make-up. Whatever your favorite brands are you can use.

FIND THE VIDEO LINK HERE: https://goo.gl/LhYJS1 or see below

That tutorial is also on the JCDA Facebook Profile Page “Jaclyn Carol’s Dance”. Please go to “Videos” and you should see it!

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask a teacher or Miss Shari - she can help point you in the direction of the products she uses, and where to get them!

A reminder that all students should have dance jewelry to wear at recital. This includes a rhinestone choker necklace and rhinestone earrings. Occasionally, a teacher will opt to use a costume piece rather than the necklace, however our jewelry never changes and dancers can use it in other classes and years to come! SAVE YOUR JEWELRY – save yourself $25.00 next dance year!


New Students: This should be on your costume balance bill. If you need Replacement jewelry, add your name to the list and talk to Miss Shari ASAP. Earrings $10, Choker $15.


Picture Day

Saturday May 17, 2020 At JCDA @ DSOD studio

Pictures will be taken at the STUDIO. Professional photographers from DMS Photography will take a group shot as well as individual pictures. There is no obligation to purchase pictures; however, all dancers need to be present for the class photo. Picture order forms will be available for pick-up in studio several weeks before picture day. PLEASE KEEP THESE IN A SAFE PLACE. Extras will only be available the day of photos. Dancers should arrive in costume with hair, make-up, tights and jewelry as designated by your class instructor.


A tentative Picture Day Schedule is posted below, as well as on page 5 of your Recital Packet.

Pictures will be available for pick-up at Dress Rehearsal in the lobby of Cardinal O’Hara High School. Please approach the Photo table with your child’s name, class style, day, time & teacher. Only guardians may pick up their child’s photos, children may not pick up photos independently.

Recital Tickets

Pre-Sale begins on Wednesday April 1st during designated office hours at JCDA @ DSOD
Tickets $10.00 each – Children under 3 are free


Included with your recital package are 2 Recital Tickets Per Student! 

Each family may purchase as many additional tickets as they would like, however tickets are first come,
first served but there is approximately 900 seats in Cardinal O’Hara’s Auditorium.


Children under 3 are free, but are asked to sit on a lap if we near a sold out show. Tickets are all general admission, but rest assured with this auditorium style, there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

Show tickets will be available at the door the day of show, unless pre-sale tickets sell out in advance. Doors to Cardinal O’Hara High School’s Auditorium will open at 2:15pm, 45 minutes prior to show time.


Please put your tickets in a safe place. We are unable to look up tickets as this caused a large back up at the door and frustration for other parents and audience members in years past. Thank you for understanding.

Recital Video


Order Deadline: Thursday May 28th at Dress Rehearsal
Price: $20.00 for your Digital copy of ALL JCDA 2020 Recital Productions


JCDA is offering our students the opportunity to own a recording of all of the recital performances for only $20! A videographer from DMG Media Group will be videoing and professionally editing the recital in a simpler format, which will allow for much faster turn around times.


We anticipate release to be by July 20 via a link through your e-mail.


DVD’s can still be made by special request – please submit those inquiries directly to DiminoMedia@gmail.com.


Please fill out the form on page 11 of your recital handbook and submit to the front desk. 

The Extras

Take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate your dancer on one of the most important days of her year! Submit a personal message, quarter-page ad, half-page ad, or full-page ad for display in our 2020 recital program book. If you are interested, submit the form on page 15 along with payment and your ad. PLEASE NOTE: Do not send original photos. Photos submitted will NOT be returned. Ads may also be sent electronically to BruceGonka@yahoo.com. All Program Ad submissions are due by May 16th.


JCDA is happy to provide a few in-house options for gifts for your dancer. This includes all of the things young dancers love – flowers, stuffed animals, and jewelry! If you are interest in placing an order with us, please fill out the form on page 13 and submit with payment by May 17th – our Picture Day.
If you think you would like to join our ranks to become a class volunteer for your child’s class, please sign up in the RECITAL INFORMATION CENTER in the lobby during your child’s Picture Day! Our parent volunteers must: arrive one-hour & 15-minutes before show for assignments and information and remain backstage throughout the entire show! Volunteers must be responsible for keeping the class under control before and during the show, help organize bathroom runs, and be sure the dancers are accounted for and stage-ready with the help of our staff! Parent Volunteers are permitted to a backstage viewing of your child’s dance too! Please ask at the desk if you have any questions about this. 


Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday May 27th, 2020 @ Cardinal O’Hara High School Auditorium

Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory.

The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the theatre surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. 

Arrive at least 20 minutes BEFORE your dress rehearsal time. We do our best to run on time, but please note that we sometimes run ahead and also sometimes behind schedule. Please be patient with all staff and students participating. We do our very best to run an organized dress rehearsal, and your help with the process will guarantee a professional production. 

LOCATION: Cardinal O’Hara High School Auditorium, 39 O’Hara Road, Tonawanda, NY 14150
DROP OFF: When dropping off your child, please park in the front of the building.  NO ONE will be permitted to use the backstage doors for the Safety of our students. If you have a young child, please walk them in to the check-in at the table. ALL DANCERS MUST CHECK IN. Be sure your child is dressed in their first scheduled dance costume with tights, jewelry, hair and make-up, and dance shoes that are labeled with their name.  

PICK-UP:  Please report inside the school to the auditorium to pick-up your child. Please CHECK OUT at the check-in table before you leave the building! BE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR CHILD’S COSTUME AND PERFORMANCE ITEMS! Costumes will NOT be able to remain in the dressing room from Dress Rehearsal to the show, as Cardinal O’Hara will be hosting multiple events between our dress rehearsal and show. Also, please check with your dance instructor for permission to leave rehearsal.

DETAILS: Your account must be current and outstanding balances paid by dress rehearsal or participation will be denied.

Parents may speak with a volunteer to go and view the dressing rooms your children will be using for recital, however that space will be unavailable to us at our dress rehearsal. A smaller dressing room is available directly off of the stage for your convenience.
Saturday’s show order will be posted on this day for your convenience.

Students should come into the auditorium after check in and find their class’ row in the center section. Parents should sit in the side sections, not in the center sections. Thank you for your cooperation.

ONLY PARENTS ARE PERMITTED INSIDE THE AUDITORIUM DURING DRESS REHEARSAL – Please no small children or siblings. No Grandparents, Aunts, or Uncles (unless they are the child’s guardian that day.) Please discuss these situations with our staff prior to Recital Weekend. Sorry – we want it to be a great surprise!! 



REHEARSAL: WEDNESDAY May 27th, 2020:  4:30-9:00pm

Specific stage times are listed below, and will be re-posted again at our Picture Day (Sunday 5/17) 

4:30-5:00    Solos/ Duos/ Trios
5:00-5:10    Saturday Triple Discipline: Jazz
5:10-5:20    Saturday Pre-School: Tap
5:20-5:30    Saturday Triple Discipline: Tap
5:30-5:40    Saturday Pre-School Ballet
5:40-5:50    Saturday Triple Discipline: Ballet
5:50-6:00    Thursday Combo Tap
6:00-6:10    Wednesday Pre-School Tap
6:10-6:20    Thursday Combo Jazz
6:20-6:30    Wednesday Pre-School Ballet
6:40-6:50    Wednesday Ballet Technique
6:50-7:00    Thursday Acro
7:00-7:10    Thursday HipHop –12+
7:10-7:20    Thursday Hiphop – 7-11 Age Group
7:20-7:30    Monday Triple Discipline Jazz
7:30-7:40    Tuesday 6p Triple Discipline Jazz
7:40-7:50    SR Jazz
7:50-8:00    Monday Triple Discipline Tap
8:00-8:10    Tuesday Triple Discipline 6p Tap
8:10-8:20    SR Tap
8:20-8:30    Monday Triple Discipline Lyrical
8:30-8:40    Tuesday Triple Discipline 6p Lyrical
8:40-8:50    SR Lyrical
8:50-9:00    Performance Team
9:00-9:10    Modern
9:10-9:20    Pointe/Pre-Pointe
9:20-9:30    Remaining Solos/ Duos/ Trios



Saturday May 30, 2020: 3:00pm, Doors at 2:15pm @ Cardinal O’Hara High School Auditorium

As the recital approaches we want to take a moment to review some basic procedures and
policies so that everyone runs as smooth as possible.

1.    Dancers should arrive 45 minutes before show time, with hair and make-up done, and their first costume on. (ALL PRE-SCHOOL CLASSES ARRIVE 30 minutes before.) You will check your child in at the table. Registration table will be divided into 4 lines: A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z based on the CHILD’S LAST NAME. A parent volunteer or teacher will take them where they will need to go for the show!

2.    ONLY studio staff and dance recital participants will be allowed in the dressing rooms and backstage areas. That includes the hallway outside of the stage doors. Children in each class will be assigned several parent volunteers, JCDA alumni, teachers, and student teachers.

3.    Dancers are to remain in the dressing room/ backstage, with their assigned volunteers and teacher for the ENTIRE SHOW.  All students will participate in the Finale Number at the end of the show. 

4.    Parents WILL NOT be permitted to go in the dressing rooms at any time during the performance for the safety of all of our dancers. We will have security standing at the backstage/ dressing room entrances and they have been instructed NOT TO RELEASE a child during the show to anyone or to allow any non-parent volunteers backstage. This is for their safety. Parents will not be permitted backstage/ in the dressing room at intermission. The backstage volunteers will be responsible for caring for the dancers, including helping with costume changes, and dismissal at the end of the show. The primary parent in our records will be permitted to pick-up. Please notify the teacher or parent volunteer in charge of your child when picking-up after the show. Please help us make this the best year yet for backstage/ dressing room organization by adhering to these guidelines. Thank You!

5.    FOR OUR STUDENTS SAFETY: No child will be permitted to leave the show early. All dancers must stay through the end of the show. This is a big weekend for all of us, and we would like to spend that energy creating an enjoyable experience onstage for our performers and audience, as well as backstage for our dancers, rather than policing which children need to leave with which parent. Please, use this information and plan accordingly for that weekend. We greatly appreciate your cooperation on this. 

6.    Dancers should bring water to drink. WATER is the only acceptable beverage to have in the dressing rooms.  Please try to send in a water bottle with a sports cap so that spills are minimal.

7.    Dancers may bring a snack.  Snacks should be healthy (NO CANDY) and not be messy or greasy. Backstage will be PEANUT FREE. Examples of appropriate snacks are: animal crackers, grapes, baby carrots, etc.  (Parent volunteers will ask dancers to put away any snack that may stain a costume or make a child sick.)

8.    Dancers MAY NOT bring any electronic devices in the dressing room.  We will not be responsible for any missing devices. Dancers may bring board games, cards, drawing paper, books, crayons (no markers please), etc. We will have our Recital Busy Bags stocked and ready for each class as well. 

9.    After their final show dancers should collect all pieces to bring them home. Anything left behind is collected and available for pick-up during the office hours we provide the week after the show. Any items remaining 7 days after the show will be donated.

If you have any questions, please seek out a staff member at any time.  

Thank you for helping us to make the show a success for these awesome kids!

If at anytime you have any questions or concerns regarding the recital, please feel free to contact us directly at JCDAdance@gmail.com or talk to your dance instructor. The recital is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved and we hope that this year’s recital creates many happy memories for your dancer and family for years to come!

Thinking Ahead – Fall Registration

Don’t forget to reserve your spot in our classes by registering early! 

Fall registration begins April 1st at the front desk. 

Student Evaluations come home at the end of March, and those class recommendations can be used to place your dancer in the appropriate level for next year, or to help your child discover other styles of dance they may excel at and benefit from!

Some of our most popular classes fill-up fast - so don’t miss your chance to dance! 

Register ONLINE at https://app.thestudiodirector.com/jcdadance/portal.sd!
(Select “JCDA Newfane Fall 2020-2021” Season)

What Next? - Summer Programming

Each summer it is our pleasure to provide our dancers with dance experiences in their favorite dance styles, or fun new styles they are interested to try! JCDA dancers as well as new friends are welcome. We have something for all dancers! Check out our current summer offerings on the next page, and register for your sessions today in person, or at: 
(Select the “Newfane Summer 2020” Season)



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